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Come to me all you who are weary and burdened
and I will give you rest.
Mathew 11:28

Tired. One five letter word. Sounds like a sigh when you actually say it.  Even worse when you spell it.  It makes me feel more so when I read it…Tired.

There’s the tired that gets on my nerves; tired of that noise, tired of this election season. There’s the tired that wears on my body; tired from no sleep, tired from fighting a cold. There’s the tired of the mundane; tired of these sad looking slippers, tired of watching nothing on TV. But this tired today is a tired of warring, wrangling and fighting. This tired is the kind of tired that makes people give up, give in and give out. This kind of tired is the one that robs your heart of hope, which stops believing promises, that puts potential miracles back into a box in the closet, in the basement. This is the “when you are weak” tired. The “God, you are going to have to do this” tired. The “I need to hear your voice”, tired.

Perhaps this tired is the reason God decided to include the word REST in his Word. Perhaps, since He felt it, knew it, and had to pray Himself through it, He knew how heavy and dragging and defeating this particular tired could be. I don’t remember reading anywhere in His word, or in any other book about Him for that matter that ever told me….keep on going, even when you are tired and worn out and on your last nerve or your last dollar. I don’t recall His encouraging us to push beyond so very tired, but I sure do read many, many scriptures that tell us to rest.

I see many variables of the word rest in my bible; rest, rested, resteth, resting, resting place, restore, restored, restorer. In fact apparently this resting stuff was so important; it was included on God’s initial to-do list:

1. Make Heavens
2. Make Earth
3. Make Vegetation
4. Make Animals
5. Make Man
6. Make Woman
7. Rest

So is there a reason why we think that we need to ponder, pundit, worry, pace, pound, think, rationalize, attack, and give our emotional energy to things we cannot change by doing so? Yup. We like being in control, we like fixing it and we like knowing we did so. Doesn’t it drive us crazy when we can’t fix it for whatever the reason? One of the most precious lessons I have learned is so simple. The answer to the word tired is the word rest. One takes, the other gives.

Ex 33:14 I will give thee rest
De 12:10 He gives you rest
1K 5:4 The Lord my God has given me rest
Ps 16:9 my flesh shall also rest
Mt 11:28 Come unto me all you who are heaven laden and I will give you rest
Mt. 11:29 Ye shall find rest unto your souls

Rest unto your souls-He put that in there for us you know! He knew there would be times when we would be so tied up in knots over something passing in our lives that we would need to know that in Him not only is it ok, but it is prescribed for us to rest.

So, are you T-I-R-E-D today? Need to combat the uprising of humanness going on inside? My suggestion to you as I pour this cup of coffee and prepare to go sit in some much needed silence, is to simply surrender, exhale and then just rest. He’ll put your little world’s voluminous problems on His to-do list and let you know when He needs your help. Until then, well, you know…

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