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Dumb Frog!

Psalm 40:2 NIV
He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire…

Last night there was this monstrous storm we had to outrun in our car from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Santa Teresa, New Mexico. There was 60 mph winds, 5” hail and lots and lots of rain. It hit us at the house about a half hour or so after we got home. Lightening, thunder, wind….the works. I set my music to classical selections, sat back and watched the show. Amazing!

This morning, I went out to survey for damage and noticed there was a tiny frog “caught” in the pool. I rescued it with the pool net and very gently placed it in the safety and warm container of a huge potted plant, next to a lounge chair. It seemed to be stretching, drying out and catching it’s breath in the southwestern sunshine. There was my good deed for the day. It made me think about how God rescued me out of the mire with a heavenly net. The frog seemed good. I felt good. It was good.

About three hours later I went out to the backyard again and there was that same baby frog, swimming for its dear life. With all it had it was trying to swim against the current moving too close to the filter drain hole on the side of the wall, at the waters edge. Huh! So, I grabbed the net-AGAIN, fished it out-AGAIN-and took it over to the grassy yard on the other side of the pool area. Putting him down in the grass I said quietly (so the neighbors wouldn’t think I was nuts) “now, let’s see how you do in this big place that’s much safer for you”. He looked mad. Can frogs get mad?

Dumb frog! It was lured by the water…seemingly the natural place to be comfortable because it was familiar and tempting, because it looked exactly like what a frog needs. This frog didn’t know about all the dangers in those waters. It was so small it wouldn’t have had a chance against the creepy crawler when it made its way down to that end of the pool. The filter runs for eight hours straight, with a constant current pulling anything on the top of the water into its grasp, pushing it through the system, trapping any chunks and then spitting out clean filtered water at the other end. It never would have survived that ride! Not to mention the chlorine and the pool shock that was recently added to kill the bacteria in the water, which would surely have been its demise.

Nope…no way did his little guy see all the dangers in that clear, cool, beautiful water. This frog didn’t even have a clue about all the damage that this wet temptation could have done to it if it had not been rescued….but its rescuer knew! Whew!

Wait! That’s kinda like me!  Kinda like my all knowing God! Kinda like the time after time after time my big brother Jesus has to step in, get the net and get me out of some seriously dangerous territories. Huh.

I wonder if that frog is still mad about being pulled from that water. Now I wonder now, why I ever was!

Whatcha think?

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