Quotes from Leadership

 “She is an outstanding woman, a true team player, a leader, and event planner, and a good friend to all. She gets things done. Best of all, she loves and supports Jesus first and foremost. As her pastor, she was a pleasure to work with, from beginning to end.” – Pastor Mike Greiner, Lead Pastor Harvest Community Church

“Jan’s speaking and teachings impacted so many that she was asked to speak at several events at Harvest even after she left. She not only has the ability to accurately present God’s word but also testify to how His word impacts her life. I believe one of her best traits is her obedience to God when He asks her to reveal pieces of herself to others who may be struggling with similar experiences to hers. Her confidence in Christ and love for His children enables her to deliver a relatable testimony that gives the listener comfort and hope.” – Janette Scherf; Women’s Ministry Director, Harvest Community Church

“Her personal compassion, commitment and relationship abilities along with her impressive hard skills create a combination that is a rare find.” – Mindy Knappenberger, Executive Director Armstrong County Community Foundation

“Authentic. Powerful. From the heart. Jan Hart delivers a message of God’s grace that will amaze and inspire. Her faith shines through her pain. Hers is a testimony that will open your eyes to God’s patient, abiding, steadfast love for each one of us. What amazes me most is Jan’s unwavering faith in God’s perfect plan—and her willingness to follow where her Lord leads, whatever pain the path may bring. She is a testimony to the power of God’s amazing grace. She inspires me to a higher and deeper faith.” – Michele Huey, Author & Speaker

“I believe that God literally chose Jan to be the speaker for our 2015 Christian Women’s Conference through a course of events which would take too long to explain. When I met Jan, I was immediately drawn to her sincerity and “realness”. There is no superficiality, no pretense. She is the real deal, she doesn’t sugarcoat her story and yet she also does not go into details that are unnecessary.

She admits her shortcomings and gives God all the praise and honor for what he has done in her life. She admits things are not perfect, but has the assurance that she can trust God’s plan.

Jan has a natural gift of speaking, as you listen to her share her story, you are immediately “drawn in” much in the same way as if you were reading a captivating story. She also has a gift of writing parables just as Christ spoke in parables. Jan is a woman of many talents and she chooses to use them all for God’s glory. This was our sixth annual conference and are attendees raved about Jan on their evaluation forms.” Sue Buchheit, Director Punxsutawney Christian Women’s Conference

Quotes Women’s Conferences

“What a powerful testimony speaker Jan Hart gave–authentic, from the heart! Worship leaders Emily Joanne Crossley and Laura Hellman-Lloyd were fabulous, their songs perfectly coordinating with Jan’s testimony and instilling an atmosphere of praise and worship. We were blessed!” Blogspot comment

“Jan spoke honest true words from the heart to mine. Jan demonstrated we all have stuff and disappointment in our lives – but Jesus….”(Janet)

“Jan was down to earth, relatable and funny.” (Alicia)

“Jan was so down to earth and honest. I appreciated her sharing her journey which was encouraging and up-lifting.”  (Pat)

“Jan spoke the Word and emphasized discipleship. ” (Alice)

Quotes from Social Media

“Sis, you are an awesome communicator!” Willetta

“Thank you for your words of encouragement. I needed them so much! ” Melissa

“You are such a God-given blessing in my life.” Mara

“Thank you for being there”.  Bri’Anna



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